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Bio-Identical vs. HGH

Before actually getting into the Sermorelin versus. HGH argument, it is crucial to realize how both work ( Most important Sermorelin ). Sermorelin ( which is is secretagogue. ) is designed to excite the pituitary gland’s hormone growth hormone production. Once your body produces more human growth hormone, Sermorelin will also stimulate your liver’s IGF-1 ( insulin growth factor ). Due to higher degrees of IGF-1 will end in a rise in new cell growth and metabolism. 

In HGH therapy, Sermorelin is used to stimulate growth hormone release for patients handling different diseases and conditions. When it comes to adults, Sermorelin has been shown to bring adults from the ages of 30 and above back healthy and youthful growth hormone levels.

Where Sermorelin has grown in popularity is in the treatment of adults with low growth hormone and IGF-1 levels. Sermorelin’s effect on the pituitary gland’s human growth hormone production can lead to lots of health benefits. These benefits can range all the way from more energy, drop off in subcutaneous fat, better sleep, to more muscle bulk, and brain function.

Using Sermorelin and HGH can lead to the same effects, so why is Sermorelin vs. HGH debate such a hot subject?

The debate generally boils down to one thing, price. In most cases Sermorelin will cost over 40 percent less than HGH.

Get started today, and let our team lead you in the correct direction as we’re all focused towards a more healthy you.

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